Carrying on a family legacy that began in 1959, Robert M. DeLapp learned much of the art business from his father Terry DeLapp, “The Dean” of West Coast historical art dealers throughout much of the 60’s, 70’s, and early 80’s. The Robert M. DeLapp Gallery was established in 1990, as a private art dealing source for fine 19th and 20th century American paintings in a number of financial ranges.

With an invaluable firsthand working knowledge of historical American Art, we have placed hundreds of quality works with our clientele, both private and institutional. Additionally, we have made major contributions to the building of several American Art collections in California, while simultaneously maintaining a diverse client base throughout the United States.

Museums both in the West and Southwest have acquired important works directly from us, and several contemporary artists who we had advocated early on, are now themselves represented in museums and corporate collections. We have explored nearly all aspects of the American art scene, focusing on examples in several important areas such as The Hudson River School, The Taos Founders, The California Impressionists Painters, and more recently in the fields of Latin American, European, Post War and Abstract genres.

The Gallery is also a recognized expert on the life and work of the Western painter
Maynard Dixon. We are currently a member of the Art Dealers Association of California, the longest continuing art dealers association in California, joined by invitation only.


In addition to a commercial trade, we have provided appraisals for fair market and/or replacement evaluations of art, both traditional and decorative. The area of art conservation and restoration is another in which we have been of assistance, directing clients to a selection of appropriate conservators and framers.
Although clearly not endorsing the art market as purely a commercial endeavor,

we have constructed several long term investment opportunities for clients that have proven profitable for those wishing to diversify their portfolios with prudent positions in the art market.

The challenge that most collectors face today is the rarity of truly first rate paintings, and the often intense competition from all sides (public and private) to acquire them. The smarter choice in many instances, especially in today’s hyper connected, competitive marketplace, is to look beyond the obvious for value in those artists whose skill, technique and vision have yet to be fully realized by the art world

at large.

With the DeLapp family name being associated with American Art for over the last 50 years, we have developed long standing contacts with most major auction houses and fellow dealers throughout the United States, assuring those we influence of an informed and qualified opinion on the current art market.

Whether your interest lies in buying, selling, or intellectual curiosity, we welcome your inquiries.

Robert M. DeLapp Gallery 

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Director: Robert M. DeLapp
Associate Director: Sophie C. DeLapp